The Detroit Card Co.

the copywriter turns 40

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It's amazing what wonderful opportunities can come into your life when you're not expecting it. When you're not pining, hoping or even looking for it. For years I had joked about writing greeting cards, but never thought it would actually happen.

And it wouldn't have happened without my ridiculously devoted, talented, savvy, hardworking partner-in-crime, Genna Cowsert. It's a unique joy to see my writing transformed into design. How a sentence on paper evolves into a small piece of art that in turn can be very meaningful to a complete stranger. 

The Detroit Card Co. is the birthday gift I never asked for, but the one I feel the most fortunate to have. I frankly don't give a crap what number is associated with my age. What I do care about is being open to the amazing possibilities life can offer when I'm willing to let go. Last year was tremendous. This year, no doubt, will be epic. 

With gratitude and love,