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the very beginning

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It was our first idea, before we had a company, even before we had a name. This card got the first laugh, the first “wait a minute!” and the first “should we really open a business?...really?” We, at The Detroit Card Co., do not aim to offend or shock. Yet there is something so funny about a card that says Happy Easter, Bitch.

The concept wouldn’t work so well in celebration of Valentine's Day or Christmas. Even as a birthday card it comes across as unnecessarily sour. Easter is not a major greeting-card-giving holiday so the fact that someone would take the time to give a card, our card, still makes me giggle.

This blog post is not designed to praise our idea. Rather, we’d like to thank our Easter card. Thank you, before you’re quietly shelved away until next year. Thank you, for being the single first step on what is sure to be an amazing adventure.

Happy Easter, Bitches