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mother's day

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A card idea can be hilarious, but if doesn’t make it into anyone’s hands or brighten someone’s day, then to me, it’s not worth making. When I’m in the process of generating a card idea I try to visualize the person who would buy it. More importantly I imagine the person who would receive it. It’s a key part in determining which cards are created and which ideas are left on paper.

Our Mother’s Day cards are an exception to this rule. They were written for a person who would not, could not receive a card. My mother passed away two years ago in May and she is rarely far from my thoughts. Carole Trautman was an accomplished writer with a wonderful sense of humor and a smile that could have made the sun look dim. More than anything she was a dedicated and loving mother.

I hesitated before delving into any card concepts. I was worried that even just thinking about the holiday would be difficult for me. But oddly enough, it wasn’t. The process and creation of our cards became more of a celebration of a beautiful life, than the burden of a difficult loss.

Genna and I wanted to design a line of playful, elegant Mother’s Day cards in praise of an array of high-spirited, modern mothers. I think we succeeded. Whether or not our goods are appropriate for your use, we wish you great luck in finding the perfect card for all the mothers in your life. Although I may not be giving a card this year, I feel honored to have had a hand in giving them to so many others.