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Walking into my kitchen you’d quickly notice a brightly decorated refrigerator covered in invitations, magnets, inspiring quotes, and greeting cards.

Not just any greeting cards.

I’ve always had trouble throwing cards away. It never seemed right, like tossing a personalized gift aside. Often I keep them in piles, lodged hidden in drawers and rarely seen. The cards I do display are special for different reasons. Some cards I keep for content, like a card sent to me by my veterinarian office, lined with messages of sympathy after my cat’s passing. Or a thank you card with the kindest sentiments. Some cards I keep because of the person who gave them to me: the notecard my father made from a personal photograph or the unexpected, thoughtful card from a best friend.

But more often than not, a card is selected and displayed on my refrigerator simply because I like it.  Either I find the card’s design colorful, or creative, or funny. Perhaps a card made me smile, it made me laugh or it caught me off guard. Or just because a particular card is a physical representation that I am loved, that I am special.

We at The Detroit Card Co. hope to make you smile, laugh or catch you off guard. Whether a card is snarky, sassy or just plain sweet, it means a lot to us that you’ve purchased or received our work. We hope that you feel loved. We hope that you feel special.

And maybe, just maybe we’ll make it onto a few refrigerators.