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we’re on the map!

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As business is picking up I’d like to give a shout out to our most popular card of all time (okay, the four months we’ve been in business). Drum roll please for … No Wire Hangers! Happy Mother’s Day!

Hangers had been selling steadily, but took a turn for the awesome when it was featured on BuzzFeed’s 25 Mother’s Day Cards That Will Make Your Mom’s Day. We made BuzzFeed, ahhh! That Sunday the story went viral-ish, orders poured in, and by mid-week we were wrist deep in cardboard mailers. Just a week later, No Wire Hangers! was spotlighted alongside our Meryl Mother’s Day card in Parade Magazine’s 15 Great Cards For Mother’s Day. Wahoo!

We don’t mean to boast, but for a new company all this attention has been very, very exciting.

Thanks, Mommy Dearest fans!