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the pretty

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I write the copy for our cards. I’m the funny. Or at least I hope so. But I’m only 50% of the equation. If I designed our cards they’d be littered with oddly shaped stick figures and 2nd-grade-style-trees. That’s why I’ve dedicated this blog to the pretty, my business partner and friend, Genna Cowsert.

There wouldn’t be a Detroit Card Co. if not for Genna. Without her engaging designs, keen artistic eye and dedication to our company we’d be another idea floating in a grimy sea of unused potential. Thankfully, Genna had already successfully navigated the craft/DIY world with her adorable Chuppy Love business. So when we started The Detroit Card Co. in late January we already had a foot, rather a full leg in the door.

If you’re not familiar with Genna’s incredible work please take a gander at her website. Perhaps you’re in the market for wedding invitations, logos or other marketing material? Genna is your gal! She’s also well known on Minted for her appealing, modern designs and her work has been featured on West Elm. Yes, THE West Elm. Buy her fun, colorful print here.

The Detroit Card Co. is a new company, just learning to walk. But it’s been an incredible pleasure working with Genna and I look forward to whatever fun fabulousness lies ahead.


Photo by Emily Franklin