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it's not you, it's christmas

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Man oh man it’s been a busy summer for The Detroit Card Co. We started off the season with a bang, attending the National Stationery Show in NYC then setting up shop at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago’s Mini Market.

July has been a month full of exciting wholesale orders (yippee ki yay!) and new card development. In August The DCC is stoked to be a sponsor for the Detroit Improv Festival, thus allowing our cards to fall into the hands of some of our nation's funniest funny people including Fred Willard, Keegan-Michael Key, and Rachel Dratch.

Also in August, Genna will be attending the famous Traverse City Film Festival and preparing for the DIYpsi Indie Art Fair as well as September's Renegade Chicago show. Meanwhile I start rehearsals as the Angel in Angels in America, parts 1 & 2. (Ahhhh!)

Intermingled with all of this fun has been Minted's holiday card challenges. Since May we’ve been tinsel deep in Christmas cards and holiday ideas. Fingers crossed some of the DCC's select designs will be available for sale on Minted this fall.

Wowza, it’s been a great summer so far and we’re looking forward to an even better fall.