The Detroit Card Co.

meant to be

Cara TrautmanComment

Dear Detroit Card Co.,

We met just a year ago at a Labanese restaurant. It was love at first sight. You played it real cool while we were nervous and excited. We weren't looking for anything new, but you were just too intriguing to ignore. 

We spent a lot of time that February trying to figure each other out. You were so much fun! Yes, there were differences. You were a big city gal and we were more comfortable in the suburbs. Regardless, we couldn't get enough of each other. Our friends liked you instantly. In fact everyone liked us together, even strangers on the street.

Sure, you were a handful at times. But we've learned so much together and have grown in ways we could never have expected. We've had great successes that have led to incredible adventures. And we never ever could have done it without you.

Happy Valentine's Day, DCC. You're the eggs to our bacon, the jam to our toast, and the soy to our chai tea latte.


Cara and Genna